King’s Prophecy in Syracuse: Segregation, Section 8 and a need for change.

In Syracuse, our poverty is intertwined with our segregation; thus, the denial – and shortage – of Section 8 vouchers is a perpetuation of both, as these vouchers have the potential to serve as a ticket out of sometimes-apocalyptic circumstances, in which the destination is simply normalcy, or neighborhoods that harbor quality schools, safe parks and corners that serve as nothing more than an intersection of roads, rather than the center place of drug markets.

A study in Syracuse and a Ring in Cleveland: LeBron’s greatness stretches beyond basketball

A study in Syracuse helps explain why LeBron’s greatness stretches beyond athletics. He is great because he rose above the reality of smothering socioeconomic conditions that most of us can’t imagine. He is great because he serves as a role model for any young person, anywhere, who wishes to work at a craft – and succeed in it – regardless of background. He was great, long before last night, when he and his team won Cleveland a championship.