A study in Syracuse and a Ring in Cleveland: LeBron’s greatness stretches beyond basketball

A study in Syracuse helps explain why LeBron’s greatness stretches beyond athletics. He is great because he rose above the reality of smothering socioeconomic conditions that most of us can’t imagine. He is great because he serves as a role model for any young person, anywhere, who wishes to work at a craft – and succeed in it – regardless of background. He was great, long before last night, when he and his team won Cleveland a championship.

A few days in March: a reminder of what could be

Syracuse came alive this March and grabbed the nation’s attention when both the men and women’s basketball team secured spots in the NCAA Final 4. Cities such as Charleston and Chicago provide examples of how such civic pride and attention can be used more permanently, as a means of addressing economic realities and developing the city, in more ways than one.